Jaz Disk Data Recovery

Introduced in 1995, Jaz drives & disks use a hard-platter media (similar to what is used in hard drives) in a small, portable disk to offer a compact, high-capacity (up to 2GB) backup option.

Because they were designed to be portable, Jaz disks – like other removable disks – are unfortunately exposed to an increased chance of data loss. Physical damage, dust & media contamination, magnetic fields and more can cause the highly-precise media in Jaz disks to become unreadable or lose files when they are not protected from these threats.

If you have lost data, inaccessible files, or backups that won't restore on your Jaz disks, we can help restore your files!

Call a data recovery expert today and we'll help restore not only your files, but your peace of mind.

Jaz Disk Data Recovery

Why did my Jaz disk lose data?

While these are the most common reasons for data loss, every case is unique: that's why Lenovo techs perform a free evaluation of your media before beginning recovery!

  • Dust, smoke or other contamination
  • Read/Write head crash
  • Fires, floods and other disasters
  • Damage from extreme temperature changes
  • Corrupt file system/bad sectors
  • Power surges, spikes or brown-outs

Can Lenovo recover data from my Jaz disk?

Absolutely! Lenovo's highly-trained technicians can recover lost data from Jaz disks or virtually any type of removable disk, no matter the brand! Here are examples of other removable media we support:

What is the typical recovery process for Jaz disks?

Start a new Data Recovery case

Submit a new case
It's easy to get started! You can securely submit a new case online around the clock, or speak with a data recovery expert during business hours. Either way, you'll get a Case Number and instructions about how to ship your media to us.

Ship your Jaz disks to Lenovo Data Recovery

Ship your Jaz disks to one of our Data Recovery labs
Safely pack your Jaz disks for shipment (use the original Jaz disk cases if possible), and send them to an Lenovo Data Recovery lab.

Free Data Recovery Evaluation & Quote

Free evaluation conducted & quote sent for your review
Once we receive your Jaz disks in our lab, our highly-skilled data recovery experts conduct a free in-lab evaluation of your media.

As soon as the evaluation is complete, we'll send you a no-risk, no-obligation quote, including the amount of work needed and an estimated time frame for files to be recovered.

Files Recovered

Files recovered & secured on stable media
Once you approve the quote generated after our evaluation, our data recovery techs will begin work immediately to recover the files and secure any recovered data on a safe, stable storage location in preparation for return to you.

Recovered Files Returned to You

Review final results & get restored files shipped back to you
After the recovery is complete, you'll have a final chance to review the results of our in-lab data restoration efforts.

If you're satisfied with the results, payment will be secured and your files will be shipped to you on new, tested media of your choice.

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